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Today marks the launch of my new website!

Posted by Touchell Thaddeus on

This has been 18 months in the making. It also excitedly adds an additional milestone to the La Touche Beauty timeline; the launch of our new online shop!

I am very proud, slightly scared but most of all incredibly grateful to a team of experts from Calico UK who have worked closely with me, put up with my challenging work schedule and made the process as smooth as possible!

It is safe to say without the wonderful Alistair and gifted Kat, this project I decided to begin would never have blossomed into everything they have beautifully created.

The time, effort and understanding demonstrated by the Team at Calico has been outstanding. They always go above and beyond and have literally held my hand each step of the way. Thank you!

Successfully running La Touche Beauty is my passion and I'm lucky that as an experienced Therapist, I at least know the foundations needed to build the platform and pull together the essential ingredients required. However, this project was totally out my comfort zone but with the help of Alistair and Kat, I am thrilled with what we have achieved.

5 years ago, we were working on my initial website and I never imaged we would be relaunching with an additional webshop.

The opportunities with this project are huge and I won't say too much more now but make sure you look out for many exciting items to follow!

I'd also like to thank my Team for their continued support and interest in this project. I hope they will be proud of the site, which supports the core of our business.

I'd also like to thank my suppliers for understanding in my vision and for allowing me to work alongside them to create this new project. Guinot only have a handful of accounts they grant and honour online sales to and as their 'Salon of Excellence' we hope to lead the way in doing this.

All is left for me to say is I hope you enjoy the new site. Please join me in celebrating this happy milestone! I look forward to sharing all the additional products, packages and treatments with you all in the future.

Happy shopping!

Best wishes,

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